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  • Feature Calcium sensor phosphorylation is important in SOS-regulated salt tolerance in Arabidopsis.
    Application WB
    Species Arabidopsis thaliana
    Targets SCaBP8
    Catergory Membrane
    Title Phosphorylation of SOS3-LIKE CALCIUM BINDING PROTEIN8 by SOS2 protein kinase stabilizes their protein complex and regulates salt tolerance in Arabidopsis.
    Publication Yan Guo, Plant Cell, 2009
    Methods Anti-phosphoserine237 polyclonal antibodies were made by AbMart (www.ab-mart.com.cn). Two 9–amino acid peptides (corresponding to aminoacids 232 to 243 of SCaBP8) with N-terminal Cys residues,C-TAFPpSFIFNTE-NH2 (phosphorylated form) and C-TAFPSFIFNTE-NH2(nonphosphorylated form), were also synthesized by AbMart.