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    With an entirely new type of antibody product, offered through AbStore, you will have an opportunity to fully explore our technology capabilities to produce successful antibodies covering broad end-uses. AbStore offers two type of catalog-like (pre-made and pre-designed) products



    A pre-made antibody catalog with monoclonal antibodies made against millions of protein sequences. AbX™ is simply the largest collection of catalog antibodies covering hundreds of species. AbX™ will be gradually made available in the next few years for all the sequenced organisms.

    Figure 1 depicts the status of AbX™ and its product launch goal and schedule.


    AbX™ is based on technology PETAL™ and a full description of this product is here.



    A pre-designed antibody catalog focusing on developing high value (detection, diagnostic and therapeutic applications) monoclonal antibodies against high value targets (for example, membrane proteins, tumor antigens, chemical drugs). Based on our successful library approach for antibody development, AbStop™ uses the most aggressive antigen design, immunization, antibody screening parameters to maximize antibody successes.

    Total protein Membrance protein Transcription factor Soluble factor Disease Biomarker Theapeutic Target Plasma protein
    Functional sites PhosphoSite Alternative Spliced Junction Mutation & Variant
    Chemicals Small Molecule Antibiotics Pesticide
    Table 1 shows current offers from AbStop™ and a full description of is here.