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  • Feature PtrMAN6 involves in hydrolysis of mannan-type wall polysaccharides to produce oligosaccharides.
    Application WB, IHC
    Species Populus
    Targets PtrMAN6
    Catergory Kinase
    Title Populus endo-beta-mannanase PtrMAN6 plays a role in coordinating cell wall remodeling with suppression of secondary wall thickening through generation of oligosaccharide signals.
    Publication Laigeng Li, PLANT J, 2013
    Methods Two PtrMAN6-specific peptides (EQFKTMVEEVDNH, residues 37–49; ELNDVEEDEWL, residues 61–71), were synthesized and used to raise polyclonal antibody in rabbits (Abmart, Shanghai, China, http://www.ab-mart.com.cn/). Crude antisera were purified using a protein-A Sepharose Cl-4B column. Anti-GFP, anti-His and anti-actin monoclonal antibodies were purchased from Abmart.