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  • Feature The antiviral activity of SAMHD1 is inhibited by type 1 IFN induced phosphorylation.
    Application WB
    Species Homo sapiens
    Targets phospho-SAMHD1 T592
    Catergory Transcription related
    Title Phosphorylation of SAMHD1 by cyclin A2/CDK1 regulates its restriction activity toward HIV-1.
    Publication Monsef Benkiraneemail, Cell Rep, 2013
    Methods Anti-phospho-SAMHD1 T592 antibody (a-pSAMHD1 T592) was engineered by Abmart by immunization of rabbit using the following phosphorylated peptide (p-peptide): 587-IAPLI(pT)PQKKE-597, the peptide 587-APLITPQKKE-597 was used as control.