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  • Feature Validation that a reduction in Nka α1a expression occurred before, and increases in expression of Nka α1b, Nkcc and Cftr occurred after, the peak of apoptosis in the gills of A. testudineus.
    Application WB, Elisa
    Species Anabas testudineus
    Targets Na+/K+-ATPase alpha a/b
    Catergory Sodium-Potassium ATPase
    Title Increases in apoptosis, caspase activity and expression of p53 and bax, and the transition between two types of mitochondrion-rich cells, in the gills of the climbing perch, Anabas testudineus, during
    Publication Yuen K. Ip, Front Physiol, 2013
    Methods We developed two custom-made isoform-specific monoclonal antibodies against Nka α1a (Genbank: AFK29492) and Nka α1b (Genbank: AFK29493) of A. testudineus (Ip et al., 2012a) through Abmart, Inc. (Shanghai, China).