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  • Feature DWARF53 (D53) acts as a repressor of Strigolactones signaling and Strigolactones induce its degradation.
    Application Pull Down
    Species Oryza sativa
    Targets DWARF53(D53)/DWARF14(D14)
    Catergory Kinase
    Title D14-SCF(D3)-dependent degradation of D53 regulates strigolactone signalling.
    Publication Haiyang Wang, Nature, 2013
    Methods The recombination protein was injected into rabbits to produce polyclonal antibodies against D53 (Abmart). For detection of D14 protein, a His-fused polypeptide (amino acids 153–302 of D14) was expressed in BMRosetta (DE3) cells. Purified fusion protein was injected into rats to produce polyclonal antibodies against D14 (Abmart).