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  • Feature GSD1 regulate photoassimilate translocation in rice.
    Application WB, IHC
    Species Oryza sativa
    Targets GSD1
    Title Grain setting defect 1, encoding a remorin protein, affects the grain setting in rice through regulating plasmodesmatal conductance
    Publication Laigeng Li, Plant Physiol, 2014
    Methods Six GSD1-specific peptides (QQNISKGAPQ, residues 178-187; RGFIVPKISN, residues 200-209; QNMKRPSPAS, residues 218-227; ERLSFGSHQP, residues 235-244; AGVTSEYQTK, residues 258-267; IEIRPYKDPK, residues 275-284) were used to produce polyclonal antibodies in rabbits by Abmart (http://www.ab-mart.com.cn/).Crude antisera were purified using a protein-A Sepharose CL-4B column. The antibody specificity was examined by Western blot hybridization.