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  • Feature The superior Mn tolerance of S. guianensisis achieved by coordination of internal and external Mn detoxification through malate synthesis and exudation, which is regulated by MDH1 at both transcriptio
    Application WB
    Species Stylosanthes guianensis
    Targets MDH1(Malate Dehydrogenase1)
    Catergory Enzyme
    Title Malate Synthesis and Secretion Mediated by a Manganese-Enhanced Malate Dehydrogenase Confers Superior Manganese Tolerance in Stylosanthes guianensis
    Publication Chen Z, Plant Physiol, 2015
    Methods The speci?c peptide (EKEGLEKLKPEL) of SgMDH1 was synthesized and used to produce a polyclonal antibody (Abmart).