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  • Feature MfTIL1 plays an important role in plant tolerance to cold and oxidative stress.
    Application WB
    Species Medicago falcata
    Targets TIL1 (Temperature-induced lipocalins)
    Catergory Transporter
    Title A temperature induced lipocalin gene from Medicago falcata (MfTIL1) confers tolerance to cold and oxidative stress
    Publication He X, Plant Mol Biol, 2015
    Methods Immunoblot analysis For production of the anti-MfTIL1 polyclonal antibody, a recombinant peptide fragment from the 7th to 156th amino acid of MfTIL1 was purified and injected into a rabbit, and antiserum was harvested and purified by Abmart Inc. (Shanghai, China ...