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  • Feature FL2 as a promising therapeutic target to promote the regeneration and repair of cutaneous wounds.
    Application WB,IF
    Species Homo sapiens
    Targets Fidgetin-Like 2
    Catergory ATP binding
    Title Fidgetin-Like 2: A Microtubule-Based Regulator of Wound Healing
    Publication Charafeddine RA, J Invest Dermatol, 2015
    Methods Monoclonal antibodies against human FIGNL2 (NM_001013690) were generated in mice (Abmart, Shanghai, China) using the following peptides: antiFL2-1 (SSTTPSPAHK), antiFL2-2 (TPEHAQPLNQ), and antiFL2-3 (SGETPKGVDP).