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  • Feature AtINO80 interacts with H2A.Z, and facilitates the enrichment of H2A.Z at the ends of the key flowering repressor genes FLC and MAF4/5.
    Application WB,ChIP
    Species Arabidopsis thaliana
    Targets H2A.Z
    Catergory Chromosome
    Title The chromatin-remodeling factor AtINO80 plays crucial roles in genome stability maintenance and in plant development
    Publication Zhang C, Plant J, 2015
    Methods The anti-H2A.Z rabbit polyclonal antiserum was generated against the mixed H2A.Z-specific peptides N-SGKGAKGLIMGKPSGSDKDKDKKKPIT-C (HTA9) and N-AGKGGKGLVAAKTMAANKDKDKDKKKPIS-C (HTA11) using a commercial service by Abmart, Inc (http://www.abmart.cn).