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  • Feature ACTB, VCL, HSPs and TF are promising candidate proteins for association with E. coli F18 susceptibility.
    Application WB
    Species Sus scrofa
    Targets actin beta (ACTB)/vinculin (VCL)/heat stress proteins (HSPs)/transferrin (TF)
    Title Proteomic Analysis of Duodenal Tissue from Escherichia coli F18-Resistant and -Susceptible Weaned Piglets
    Publication Wu Z, PLoS One, 2015
    Methods For western blotting, proteins were transferred to PVDF membranes and immunoblotted with primary antibodies against ACTB (0.19 mg/mL, 42 KDa), TF (0.26 mg/mL, 78.9 KDa), HSP27 (0.47 mg/mL, 22.9 KDa) or VCL (0.23 mg/mL, 116.9 KDa) (Abmart, Inc.). ...