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  • Feature AIDA-1 regulates NMDAR subunit composition at synapses by facilitating transport of GluN2B from the ER to synapses.
    Application WB
    Species Rattus norvegicus
    Targets AIDA-1
    Title ANKS1B Gene Product AIDA-1 Controls Hippocampal Synaptic Transmission by Regulating GluN2B Subunit Localization
    Publication Tindi JO, J Neurosci, 2015
    Methods AIDA-1 mouse monoclonal antibodies were generated by Abmart to the following epitopes based on the rat AIDA-1 amino acid sequence: KRILASLGDR (clone: 1A11), PIGHDGYHPT (clone: 2K9), and KSVQIDPSEQ (clone: 2B22). ...