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    For a given protein target using UrgentMab for antibody development,

    an optimal number of peptide antigens are designed based on target protein analysis and a primary intended antibody end-use (see Design)
    peptide antigens are synthesized and used to screen a pre-made anti-peptide antibody monoclonal antibody library consisting of antibodies against (almost) all random peptide sequences
    50-60% of the input peptides will yield an average of 2 high affinity antibodies (dot blot detection sensitivity <1 ng, comparable to a FLAG antibody; or ELISA titer >10,000 against peptide antigens)
    an one-to-one antibody-peptide binding relationship is established
    average cost for one anti-peptide monoclonal antibody is ($300)
    an one-to-one antibody-peptide binding relationship is established
    each package is ready to ship in about 4-6 weeks (will be reduced to 3-4 weeks in 2015)
    each package of antibodies is to be tested by a customer in a specific experiment for desired end-uses
    in cases where a package can not perform satisfactorily, a continuing and incentivized effort to make better antibodies is offered (see AbInsure™)